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05:14:39 06-02-2020

zjtanco from Philipines says:

I got my parcel nicely packed and just in time even though there's lock down due to covid19 pandemic !
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06:45:03 05-16-2020

goonsfc from India says:

I am a new USGoBuy customer. Today, I received my first USGoBuy shipment (via Aramex). I am very happy that my shipment arrived with all the items intact. Thanks! My interaction with the USGoBuy customer service has been very smooth. They have been very prompt and courteous in their responses. My only request is that the items be packed with more bubble wrap in the future. I will be placing orders for more shipments in the coming weeks. Thank you once again.
USGoBuy Reply:
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08:01:54 04-06-2020

estherzhangzhou from Canada says:

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07:20:12 04-06-2020

guilhermeparada from Spain says:

Great service!!! Thanks.
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01:18:01 04-02-2020

Gemma.wheele... from United Kingdom says:

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01:17:01 03-17-2020

jeffreywong from Hongkong says:

Arrives without damage this time inside a box without any protective packaging, but the reused recycle box. Great. Thanks for saving the Earth.
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05:56:20 03-08-2020

finelax from Nigeria says:

Fast and reliable delivery. 99% customer service. firmly packaged with bubbles wraps. Yes! Indeed perfect.
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02:13:12 03-06-2020

Dmitri_3d from Russia says:

Thanks for prompt delivery. Hope to deal with you again! All the best! Sincerely, Dmitri
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09:33:34 03-02-2020

sejargon from Spain says:

Thanks for your awesome service. Good packaging and stuff arrived perfectly in shape. Very happy.
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01:32:39 02-08-2020

bellarmine from Canada says:

Good price, fast, easy, arrived in perfect shape. What's not to like? Thanks!
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