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08:30:12 11-21-2018

patrickkoh from Malaysia says:

Fast delivering and great packaging. Received in expected condition. Recommended...
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01:01:55 11-21-2018

synertech from Argentina says:

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10:58:33 11-20-2018

boccaccio2904 from Spain says:

A confusion with the package but solved by professional people. We will do business again. Thank you
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10:56:39 11-20-2018

boccaccio2904 from Spain says:

Thank you, everything was perfect, a pleasure to work with you.
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12:39:05 11-20-2018

marco83 from Italy says:

all ok!! very fast!!
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11:18:00 11-19-2018

rodiak from Israel says:

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08:45:50 11-19-2018

Dylanstreet from Chile says:

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08:40:08 11-18-2018

Sorentolover from Saudi Arabia says:

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06:34:44 11-18-2018

sunset_cafe from Saudi Arabia says:

very good
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09:10:37 11-17-2018

lucky96 from Canada says:

Thank you for Guo Lei's great service! Much appreciated!!
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