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02:32:55 10-17-2017

ronaldex007 from Bolivia says:

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12:25:51 10-17-2017

Dmitri_3d from Russia says:

Many thanks for a reliable mail service! Sincerely, Dmitri
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08:09:08 10-16-2017

rockfan from Bolivia says:

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03:42:55 10-16-2017

starchip from Nicaragua says:

I have received this package, all fine, excellent service, Thanks....
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05:46:03 10-16-2017

ethancheng92 from Taiwan says:

This is my first time using your service. The shipping cost is nearly the price of my purchase in Amazon. I think shipping cost should be lower.
USGoBuy Reply:
Please be aware that Fedex and DHL charge the greater of the actual weight and the dimensional weight. Dimensional Weight(Dim Weight or Volumetric Weight) is based on the size of the package. For large items like pillow and lamp shade who have a small Actual Weight but with a larger Dimensional Weight. These items will be asked to pay the shipping fee according to Dimensional Weight .Generally, the DIM weight is calculated as follows (in pounds): DIM weight = (Length X Height X Width) /139

02:14:32 10-15-2017

mira.djurovi... from Montenegro says:

you put a invoice in front of box ..but i telll you not to do that..
USGoBuy Reply:
For USPS packages, we will print out the descriptions and declared value directly on the shipping label; For Fedex and DHL packages, we will make a commercial invoice with the descriptions and declared value and ship it along with your parcel. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

07:47:07 10-14-2017

karunarathna... from Sri Lanka says:

very good service
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12:49:01 10-13-2017

fergous from Argentina says:

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01:47:15 10-13-2017

M3tabolic from United Kingdom says:

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01:47:01 10-13-2017

M3tabolic from United Kingdom says:

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