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02:53:32 01-20-2017

fia9il from Saudi Arabia says:

USGoBuy Reply:

04:04:04 01-20-2017

Kubarev from Latvia says:

Super! Thank you!
USGoBuy Reply:
You are welcome. We are glad you are satisfied with our service. We’d like to provide more superior service to you. You can log on your account and refer to a friend, or join our affiliate program. You will get commissions from USGoBuy.

01:36:11 01-20-2017

cignacio from Philipines says:

I got a little bit lost with the website but it didnt bother me that much. I get what I paid for at an acceptable speed. Very kind tech support!
USGoBuy Reply:
Thank you for your feedback and support. USGOBUY is growing and more valuable advice welcome. We are looking forward to your next orders!

10:23:47 01-19-2017

adlbad from Algeria says:

USGoBuy Reply:

10:31:33 01-19-2017

US_Ext from Russia says:

Excellent service! Pretty smooth package flow in most situations. Unfortunately, problematic cases may be handled really slow - so there is a place for improvement.
USGoBuy Reply:
We admit that there are some deficiencies in our service, this may cause some negative feedback from our customers. But we always devote ourselves to provide superior service to our customers. USGOBUY is growing and hope you can understand and more valuable advice welcome.

09:43:32 01-19-2017

Karastoplos from Israel says:

Thanks !! this is my first time using your sevice ,defently not the last one.
USGoBuy Reply:
We are glad you are satisfied with our service. You can refer USGoBuy to a Friend or promote USGoBuy in some websites. We will send you coupons. For more information, please visit FAQ9.

09:09:00 01-19-2017

Mnalkabir from Yemen says:

Perfect service, thanks usgobuy team for the excellent service, I am happy and satisfied with usgobuy service and recommend it for whoever need to shop from the US and ship to Yemen
USGoBuy Reply:
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04:07:41 01-19-2017

helsakka from Qatar says:

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07:39:27 01-18-2017

menj1980 from Malaysia says:

Perfect service and excellent delivery, cannot ask for anything more than this!
USGoBuy Reply:
Thank you for your feedback and support. We are looking forward to your next orders!

08:29:44 01-17-2017

ronaldex007 from Bolivia says:

USGoBuy Reply:
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